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Halong bay 360 degrees
 Autumn is the best season to make a trip to Ha Long. Do not be afraid if you ever visit Ha Long Bay many times, more exciting tour you can explore this beautiful bay.

Halong bay 360 degrees

 Autumn is the best season to make a trip to Ha Long. Do not be afraid if you ever visit Ha Long Bay several times, more exciting tour you can explore this beautiful bay.

 Diving Halong bay

 Not only attracted by the yellow sand, blue sea, the beautiful island ... Ha Long is also known as one of the "aquarium" wonder of Vietnam's sea. Just dive at depths of over 20m, you can admire the whole scene was weird place great aquarium.
 From multifold beauty of "the field" reef stretches of sight with all sorts of coral reefs such as red, elk horn coral ... the scene "activities" of his people living aquatic Princess Te . You can delight in having fun with all kinds of fish, colorful here. Sometimes, you even caught fish to the weighing 7-8kg of rice or fish in the vast area of ​​1km2 glance ... If you like adventure, you can dive deeper, there's no beauty reefs, but there are many caves to explore your spoiled.

 Kayaking on Halong Bay

If you have more time to Ha Long, there is a dramatic way for you to explore this beautiful bay agian. It is visited by kayak on Halong. Take this tour, visitors will be sailing to their own wilderness, not on the itinerary of most cruise ships. Simply because the big ships can not access the remote site, this devious. A new feeling when immersed in nature, exploring the beautiful areas, wild of Ha Long Bay as Luon cave, cave peach Ba, Ba Ham Lake, Ba Men Temple, Island Concrete First ...
 With this travel program, including those who arrived in Ha Long Bay many times, feelings get Ha Long Bay is a completely new. Trekked across the island, the island inside the bay, you will be eyes to admire the beauty of the reef, the tiny fish swimming up and also hit numerous scene not seen in any book travel books do. Each paddle fan down, the area to be hundreds of thousands of drops of light sea beauty sparkle in the sunshine ...
 As a special tour, so you can not tour organizations that have purchased through travel agents. Now, at the home tour Halong tour are pre-designed kayak program "plus" if the client requests.

Stay on boat on Halong bay

There is another way to play without having to Ha Long Bay Hotel is a bed to sleep the night right on the bay! The tour is not new but still "attract" tourists. An overwhelming feeling that you never forget watching the moment when the sun sets over the crimson sails. Please welcome the dawn moments between the vast sky! You are completely immersed in the sea breeze is between land and sky. When night falls it is time to enjoy the feeling of tranquility, located stargazing on deck at night and sleep the windy sky.
 Not only suitable for travelers who want to relax, this tour is also a way for couples "notice" to the best of honeymoon season. If you go with the group, the tour has many attractive schemes such as the party on board, night squid fishing ...
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Vote for Halong Bay
(Activity is expected in September, Director of New7wonders-Jean-Paul de la Fuente will come to inspect the Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) and the exchange of experience rating, on how to attract the attention of the public to heritage of the world. )
Kayaking in Halong bay
(To feel all the grandeur of Ha Long Bay and discover all the endless mountains with rocky, beautiful terrain, the best way is to kayak. )
Halong Bay beauty of nature
(Halong bay : " This wonder is ground raising up into the middle of the high sky" )

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